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Utah Videography & Photography Services

No matter what project you need done, we are here to capture your vision and bring it to life.

AlphaGraphics Bountiful Photo & Video Services

Enhance your marketing & business strategies with professional photos and videos to create a more engaging and interactive experience with your customers. We have all the tools to make your vision come to life. We will take care of the editing and delivery.

Photo Services

Seize the essence of your message through our professional photography service. At AG Bountiful, we are committed to elevating your company’s visibility. Whether you require top-notch images for your marketing collateral, website, social media, or product catalog, our skilled photographers are ready to provide outstanding photos tailored to your needs.

Video Services

Tailored for businesses, our expert video production service is crafted to assist in crafting compelling and impactful video content that effectively showcases your brand, products, and services. We provide comprehensive video production solutions, covering everything from conceptualization and scriptwriting to shooting, editing, and final delivery.

Aerial/Drone Footage

Unlock top-tier aerial photography and videography with our skilled drone pilot services. Whether it’s real estate listings, special events, marketing campaigns, cinematic projects, or event coverage, we deliver stunning visuals from distinctive perspectives. Rest assured, our team operates drones responsibly and safely.

Our Process

1. Project Discovery

We review your quote and then. either meet with you in person or hop on a call to go over your needs, and learn about your company, your style, and your vision for the project. We want to work with you to achieve both the goal of this project, as well as your business goals. Once we have our scope mapped out we will take the next step in scheduling.

2. Planning & Schedule

After determining the scope, we’ll coordinate a suitable date and time, if necessary. Additionally, we’ll craft a timeline, ensuring you have a clear understanding of what to expect and when. On the scheduled shoot day, we venture out to capture the required content, meticulously going through each shot to ensure we meet all the requirements.

3. Visuals Editing

Certainly, one of the pivotal stages in our process is ensuring we capture essential elements in optimal lighting, minimizing the need for post-production adjustments. During the editing phase, we are dedicated to imparting a polished and professional look to your images. If your brand incorporates specific colors or a distinct style, we meticulously apply these elements to ensure seamless alignment with your brand identity.

4. Project Delivery

The speed of our turnaround times typically hinges on the quantity of deliverables and the scale of your project. Rest assured, we understand your eagerness to receive your content promptly, and we won’t keep you waiting. We ensure timely delivery of your photos/videos in the required formats. Prepare to be amazed by the quality of the delivered photos/videos—you’ll likely find yourself compelled to share our services with your friends.

Zooke Anti-Fog

Zooke Anti-Fog

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AlphaGraphics Commercials

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Ascot Royale Chocolates

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GENTRI – Over the Rainbow (Music Video)

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Black Collar Shirts

Senior Photoshoot

Major Drilling

Video Services

Video is a powerful tool that people are consuming more and more of every day. From viral videos and explanations of products to capturing special moments and live streaming seminars video is something everyone wants.

Music Videos

No matter if you’re an established artist, just starting out, or want an awesome keepsake for your family we’d love the opportunity to shoot a music video for you. We have a lot of experience streamlining the process of shooting music videos and giving you high quality videos that will match your musical talent.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a great way to simplify and convey your message. Clean and easy to understand with a clear voice over you can break down complex ideas into short videos that get right to the point. Motion graphics are also fantastic for adding that little something extra to your live videos to give them a professional look and feel.


Live Streaming

Sending out live video has never been more accessible. In the past it was pretty much only available to TV stations but with Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, Instagram, and countless other options you can basically have your own TV show online where you can even interact with your audience.

We essentially have a complete mobile television studio where all we need is access to a power outlet and a steady internet connection. With that we can go live anywhere at any time. During times like we have experienced with COVID19 or even if you have people that can’t travel to be at your event in person live streaming is a GREAT option. You can make events public, private, or even charge admission. Funerals, weddings, seminars, classes, or whatever your event we can handle the technical side so you can focus on other things.


White Board Videos

You have likely seen a white board video before where a hand draws everything on screen while a voice over plays. These are simple videos similar to motion graphics but a bit less complex. Many clients can find this to be a great option for the topics they are wanting to cover.


Virtual Tours

When someone can’t physically tour a space the next best thing is a video tour! These highly engaging videos give viewers a chance to experience your location from their phone or computer. They are a must have for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, real estate agents, etc. and are very sharable on social media.


VR & 360

If you’re looking to get a bit more immersive than standard two dimensional video you can take a step into VR and 360 video. These videos can be viewed on a normal phone, desktop computer, or for a full experience using a VR headset. Inexpensive headsets like the Oculus Go are wonderful for viewing this type of video content and is a draw to your booth at a trade show or an added experience in meetings with clients.

We have shot and edited videos for companies using our cameras as well as helped them purchase relatively cost effective solutions to shoot their own footage around the world. VR and 360 video is a specialized type of video to shoot that is definitely different than regular video. There are best practices and things to consider to give your viewers a comfortable experience. We’d be happy to help you in whatever way we can, offering tips and tricks to make sure you provide the best experience to your audience.

Photography Services

Freezing a moment in time or presenting a product in its best light a beautiful photo is hard to look away from and can convey so much information. Below are a handful of photography services that we offer.

Professional Headshots

Everyone needs a new headshot for different moments of their life. It could be a new job, maybe your entire department needs new photos for your website. Whatever the reason we can shoot in our studio or go on-location to provide high quality professional portraits for you and your team. If you have a lot of people that need headshots we can offer bulk rates and would love to schedule to block out some time to take care of that for you.

Senior & Graduation Photos

Senior year and graduation is a pivotal time in life where we all want to capture that moment. Our on staff photographer is great at making sure to capture photos that put your best self forward. These are the photos that will likely be hanging on the walls of homes for years to come. We want you to feel confident and awesome just as much as you do. There are so many awesome locations to shoot in Utah as well as studio photoshoot options. Reach out to us so we can make sure you get the best photos for this special time.

Product Photography

Need high quality product shots? We can do the classic infinite white or black background among many other styles. The quality of your product images make a HUGE difference in your ability to close sales. They show you care about what you’re selling and the value your product has. You can drop your product off with us knowing that the images you get back will reflect your brand well. We also offer 360º product shots.

Stylized Photos

This is often a great option for sports teams. Stylized photos make you look amazing! It’s a bit different than your standard traditional photos, with more dramatic lighting, a bit more surreal. If you want something unique we can brainstorm ideas or you may have a vision for what you want already, either way reach out to us.

Photo Editing

Already have photos but need them touched up a bit? We can do that. While we always recommend hiring a professional photographer to capture the best photos possible we can fix common issues in less than ideal photos to improve them. And we can take already great photos and make them all that much better.

We also do photo restoration, so if you have old photos that are deteriorating we can take those, fix them before they are completely destroyed and give you a digital file that you can then make as many copies of that photo as you want.


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