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Tips & Tricks: How to outline fonts you don’t have installed and simplify paths in Adobe Illustrator

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Opening a PDF you didn’t create in illustrator can sometimes cause some serious headaches. Hopefully the tips here will help make it a little bit less of a pain. If you’ve ever opened up a PDF in illustrator and found that you don’t have the fonts that were originally used it may seem like you are out of luck, but I promise you you’re not!

Just follow these steps:

1) Create a new document whatever size you are needing it.

2) Place the PDF into your new illustrator document. (It will place as a linked file)

3) With the PDF selected in illustrator go to Object>Flatten Transparency

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 3.46.51 PM

4) Make sure the “Convert All Text to Outlines” box is checked and click OK.

convert all text to outlines

5) Use the direct select (white arrow tool) to select and delete any extra bits and pieces. There will probably be an invisible box around everything that is the same size that the PDF was.

6) Enjoy your now outlined text in a font you don’t actually have installed on your computer.

J Meier

J Meier

J. Meier is a Creative Guru at AlphaGraphics Bountiful with an affinity for the technology and the absurd. He has years of experience in video production, photography, graphic design, brand messaging and all things fancy... specifically ketchup packets. Portland, Oregon born and raised currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.