Variable Data Postcard Printing

Put Your Message In The Hands Of People Who Will Read It

When it comes to direct mail pieces, like postcards, it’s important that your message is picked up and read by the people that you’re sending it to and not being dumped into the circular file with the “junk mail.” Creating engaging, eye-catching postcards is getting harder and harder these days—unless you’re working with professionals who understand the dynamic of direct mail and all of its facets.

Great postcards in will feature a number of assets that put them ahead of the thousands of other pieces of direct mail that people find in their mailboxes every day: engaging design, optimal layout, clear messaging, professional printing and above all, personality. AlphaGraphics Bountiful knows how important each one of these variables is and can help you communicate your message in a direct, appealing way.

Through variable data printing, clean layout and design, as well as targeted distribution, we’ll help you get your message into the hands of someone who will take the time to read what you have to say.

Variable Data Postcard Printing

Nothing says “junk mail” like a postcard that’s addressed to “current resident” or “valued customer.” Chances are, if a piece of mail doesn’t have the recipient’s name on it, it’s not worth reading. AlphaGraphics professional printing services can help you translate your list of names into a stack of personalized postcards, giving you the personable edge that you need to ensure that your direct mail is being considered by the person that it’s meant for.

Don’t have a list of names but still want to make an impression? Variable data printing isn’t limited to just names! AlphaGraphics can help you print beautiful postcards that feature different images, messages or offers, ensuring that your next batch of mailers has the right meaning for its intended distribution.

Personalized URLs (PURLs)

It used to be that direct mail was a “one and done” approach to marketing—after a postcard was delivered, it was a tossup as to whether or not someone would take advantage of its message. And even if they did, how would you measure it?

Today, the advent of personalized URLs has made it possible to monitor postcard activity even after the mail has been delivered. If your potential customers are following your links or scanning QR codes, you’ll know about it thanks to the tracking that’s associated with personalized URLs! With personalized URLs, AlphaGraphics can grant you the ability to track, monitor and refine your direct mail approach, making it easier and more cost-effective to send out postcards.

Driving ROI

AlphaGraphics is helping to redefine direct mail, one message at a time. Through our expert printing services and enhanced marketing techniques, we’re able to help you generate revenue through one of the oldest marketing methods in the book: postcards. Consult with our team today to see how you can strategically approach your next direct mail campaign, equipped with the tools for success.

Quick and Cost-Effective

Alphagraphics guarantees postcards that are printed quickly and cost-effectively.  We also offer the capability to print virtually any size of postcard, along with various paper options to make your postcards stand out from the competition.

If you have never printed custom postcards before, have no fear.  Alphagraphics employs graphic designers who would be more than happy to set up a consultation with you to help you decide which design is right for your needs.  If your postcards will be fulfilling more of an advertising or brand awareness role, our marketing consultants are also available to meet with you.  No matter what sort of postcards you want or the purpose they will be serving, Alphagraphics is ready to provide cost-effective assistance with any aspect.