Video Production and Digital Media

In todays world video is so accessible and virtually expected by most consumers. The days of only the “big guys” being able to produce and distribute great video content is over. Almost everyone carries a video screen around in their pocket in the form of a smart phone. If you are still skeptical about the need for video in your business just check out a few of these stats:

Video Production Statistics

Video infuses life into otherwise static websites. It adds credibility and trust. Our team can help you produce high quality video content all within a budget you can afford. Our goal is to tell your story and get your message across in an entertaining and effective way. We want people to connect with what you have to say.

Real Estate VideosYouTube Number 2 Search Engine

Here are a few types of videos pretty much EVERY company should have:

  • Promotional Video
  • Tutorial or How To Video
  • Testimonial Video

Maybe you’re not even looking to add video for your business and just want to capture something special as a keepsake. We will document those special moments and capture the stories that you want to pass on. Everything from engagement “how we met” videos to mini documentaries of elderly loved ones.

We would love to sit down and talk with you about how our video production services and expertise can enrich your business and personal life.

Source for stats: DigitalSherpa

Here’s another great link to some more stats about video marketing:

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