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The Oscars Free Printables

FREE 2015 Oscars Party Printables

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These last few years, I’ve gotten really into the Oscars. I’ve made it a goal to attempt to see at least all of the movies for Best Picture, if not most of the others for Best Actor and Best Actress categories. The nominations were announced on January 15th, so it’s time to get started on watching those movies!

Tips & Tricks: How To Loop Clips and Footage in After Effects

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Ever have a piece of footage like a background that you just need to loop forever throughout your video? Here are two ways of easily doing that. One using Interpreting footage and…

Design Trends Featured Image

Design Trends to Watch for in 2015

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It seems like web design tends to push most of the trends in the design industry as it really has the least constraints and more flexibility to experiment with new…

How to pronounce the company name Wacom

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Let’s cut to the chase: It’s WAH-KUM. Not Way-Com. Not Wack-Em. Not Willy-Wonkam or any other crazy thing that you may hear people say. WAH. KUM. Wacom. That’s the official…