YouTube Marketing Tips with Rob Ciampa of Pixability

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I’m often watching the YouTube channel Behind the Brand for insights into different businesses and how they are gaining success and how they have failed. I highly suggest subscribing to the channel because the interviews offer incredibly valuable lessons and advice.

In this particular video the host Bryan Elliot sits down with the Chief Marketing Officer of Pixability Rob Ciampa and discusses YouTube marketing efforts. There isn’t one strategy that fits for everyone on YouTube as some are Advertisers and other are Creators. Your Advertisers are generally going to be established companies looking to reach an audience in a new way and the Creators are generally independent YouTubers creating content to be viewed on YouTube because that’s what they like to do. This is an important distinction in order to figure out what strategies would work best for you. The nice thing is that Creators and Advertisers can have a great relationship that benefits each other through collaborations.

The entire video is close to 40 minutes (worth the watch) but I’ll try and break down some of the parts that resonated with me the most. I’ll list the time stamp of when to watch and what they talk about below.


5:50-6:20 Advertisers often make the mistake of taking their TV ads that have done well, uploading it to YouTube and expecting it to work. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. While SOME content may transition well, YouTube is a different experience than TV and requires different content. (My feeling is it needs to be something people are searching for. People aren’t usually online searching to get more ads… they are often trying to BLOCK them. Offer something more than just selling them a product.)

17:40-18:50 Don’t blow your budget trying for perfection. Again you can produce something with great production value that just doesn’t resonate with a YouTube audience. Production value isn’t BAD but being real and genuine is the most important part. Focus on what you are giving your audience. YouTube is about “what’s in it for me” if that’s lacking people are clicking away. It’s better to produce good genuine useful content shot on your phone than a hollywood blockbuster that gives little to your audience.

19:8-19:54 FORGET GOING VIRAL! Don’t bet on one thing. Viral is not guaranteed with anything and you can put a lot of time and resources into this one “amazing idea that’s going to go viral” only to watch it fail. Be constantly experimenting.

There are a lot of other great thoughts and tips in the video but these were just a few that stood out to me.


J Meier

J Meier

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