Why you’re not noticing the problems you need to solve

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A wise band once said “when a problem comes along, you must whip it.” Too often we end up getting so used to the problems around us that we stop noticing that they are problems. We need to stop ignoring problems saying “that just the way it is” and start trying to solve the problems around us. In this TED talk Tony Fadell shows us how we become blind to the problems around us because we get so used to them. In order to innovate and improve we have to start seeing those things. Tony offers up 3 tips to start seeing those things”

  • 1) Look broader

  • 2) Look closer

  • 3) Think younger

I’ve noticed this exact same problem in my workplace. Watching someone work on their computer and seeing an error message pop up and they hit cancel every time. I ask what was that error message? The response, “oh I don’t know I just click out of it. It just does that.” Well let’s FIX it. I like to ask my clients what are the annoying things about their job and often times there are simple solutions we can offer to eliminate those annoyances.

Watch this TED talk and hopefully it will inspire you to start finding solutions. Remember to first NOTICE the problems and stop getting used to them. It’s not to late. To whip it. Whip it good.

J Meier

J Meier

J. Meier is a Creative Guru at AlphaGraphics Bountiful with an affinity for the technology and the absurd. He has years of experience in video production, photography, graphic design, brand messaging and all things fancy... specifically ketchup packets. Portland, Oregon born and raised currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.