How to pronounce the company name Wacom

By December 30, 2014 January 19th, 2015 No Comments

Let’s cut to the chase: It’s WAH-KUM.

Not Way-Com. Not Wack-Em. Not Willy-Wonkam or any other crazy thing that you may hear people say. WAH. KUM. Wacom. That’s the official way their company pronounces it. (Although I still prefer how Way-Com sounds, that doesn’t change the fact that it is incorrect)

This is one of those company names that everyone seems to have a different way of saying. When it comes to pronouncing Wacom there are two types of people:

1) The SUPER confident ones that will let you know the way they say it is the correct way. Whether they are correct or not.


2) The self-conscious ones that say it 2-3 different ways in a row to just to cover all their bases.

So know you know, and knowing is half the battle! And apparently the other half is equal parts red and blue lasers.


J Meier

J Meier

J. Meier is a Creative Guru at AlphaGraphics Bountiful with an affinity for the technology and the absurd. He has years of experience in video production, photography, graphic design, brand messaging and all things fancy... specifically ketchup packets. Portland, Oregon born and raised currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.