Traditional Offset

Offset printing is often called traditional printing because it has been around much longer than digital printing. The real draw to using offset printing is the ability to do huge quantities at a much lower cost than digital printing. The process of offset printing uses something called plates for each individual color of ink used in printing. You can think of the plates as basically being like a rubber stamp. As you combine each plate the colors mix and you end up with your final printed image.

Often offset printing is done with only one or two specific colors. Certain paper types and colors can only be used by offset printing. If you have a very specific color to match you will often be asked to pick a Pantone color. Sometimes these are also called spot color or PMS color. Digital printing can get extremely close to matching Pantone colors but printing offset will alway be 100% accurate to whatever Pantone color you choose.

Because offset printing requires different plates to be created for each color and each page of a design, it isn’t very cost effective if you aren’t doing a large quantity of prints. In those cases you would want to print using digital printing. We have top of the line offset printing capabilities as well as press operators with years of experience to run those machines. They’ll make sure all jobs are completed to the highest standards and get them done fast.