Digital Printing

With the prevalence of computers, digital printing is probably the most commonly used printing in todays world. In the past special plates (kind of like a rubber stamp) needed to be made for each color of ink being used. That method of printing is called offset printing. Digital printing doesn’t require any of those steps and brings the price for smaller quantity prints down. You create a digital file on your computer, we make sure it will print properly and then the digital printer (also called a digital press) processes the file and prints out the copies. For most peoples projects digital printing is the best option.

At AlphaGraphics Bountiful we have some of the highest quality digital presses. We keep high standards for color accuracy and longevity of each print. Running a project on a digital press also speeds up production quite a bit too since there is no need to create and replace printing plates.

Another advantage to digital printing is the ability to make each individual print customized by using something called variable data. Variable data printing is when you take a spreadsheet of information and use that information to customize each piece with a name or other information. You may have received mail that has your name as part of the artwork. That is an example of variable data printing.

So when you need something printed fast, customized, and or affordably you are probably going to want to print your project on a digital press.