Make The Perfect First Impression

The last thing you want is for an associate to take your business card and put it into a rolodex with a hundred others like it, never to be seen again! Instead, when you hand someone your custom business card, make sure you’re giving them a crisp, sleek way to contact you—one that they’re certain not to lose in a pile of generic cards.

AlphaGraphics offers premier custom business cards printing in Bountiful, UT and can help you create a business card that speaks volumes about you. We offer a number of classic print options, as well as advanced services that allow you to put your own spin on the cards that will be representing you. Our printing options include:

  • Embossing
  • Foil Stamping
  • QR Code Imprinting
  • Magnetic Stock
  • Raised Lettering
  • Custom Varnishes
  • Unique Sizing
  • Die Cutting

At AlphaGraphics, we make it simple to pick the materials and styles that fit your unique needs, ensuring that you get the perfect business cards in Bountiful, UT. Our professionals will work with you to ensure that the finished product is one that you’re proud to represent yourself with and one that your associates are sure to never forget.

Mobile landing pages and QR code placement

Where print and pixels meet

These days, handing out a business card means more than just giving someone your name, job title and an email address. Having a business card that’s technologically enabled makes it easy for someone to immediately store your information in their phone, send you a direct email on the go or link to your professional webpage.

QR Codes:

By implementing smart technology like QR codes, mobile landing pages and downloadable VCard information are easily embedded directly into your business card. Through our QR code printing expertise, AlphaGraphics can help you stay one step ahead of the business world and give people access to any facet of your business profile that you’re looking to share, simply by printing this readily scanned barcode onto your business card.  For an example site scan the code on the right or click here on a mobile device.

Mobile Landing Pages:

Have you ever wanted to give someone more information than just your name, telephone number and email address? By linking someone to a mobile landing page via a QR code on your business card, you can give anyone immediate access to your entire business profile, including contact information that’s easily downloadable to a phone or tablet! Tell people a little about yourself, show off your recent accomplishments or even give them an opportunity to see some of your work in action.

The best part is, with a mobile landing page, you can track the analytics to your specific page showing you how many people have scanned your business cards and visited your mobile site. Using this data you can see how long people have browsed your mobile site, what links they’ve clicked on and where they’re coming from—meaning a more comprehensive look at who’s checking you out!