Shupe Electric came to us looking for direction on their branding. They had grown over the years from doing just electrical work to home automation, security systems, solar energy and many other thing that more or less fall into those categories some of which were doing business under different names. Already having a strong family brand name with Shupe Electric it made sense to leverage that reputation. Most people refer to them as just Shupe so we determined it would be best to bring everything under the one name while having different “divisions” of the company. Shupe Companies became that umbrella name.

With this came the ability to have very similar branding look and feel across each division while emphasizing the different offerings they have beyond just electrical. We started with updating the logo to something more modern and visible.

The rebrand was rolled out across a number of products:

  • Business Package (print materials)
  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Apparel & Bags
  • Website
  • Signage
  • Decals / Stickers


Old Logo




The previous designs on their vans was difficult to read and the colors used weren’t consistent with their brand. With the overall rebrand we were able to produce vehicle graphics that were more visible and had a cohesive look to the rest of the materials we were producing.

This video show the process of completing the graphics from start to finish.