Covered outdoor seating
Covered outdoor seating
Large patio
Expanded parking
Vehicle bay for car wraps
Current Building
Photo / Video Studio
Marketing services office space
Huge conference room
Larger lobby

Our new building will feature:

  • Thousands of additional square feet
  • All new self serve area
  • Computer work station for customer use
  • Dedicated playroom for children
  • Drive in bay for car wraps
  • Video / Photo studio
  • Audio recording booth
  • Additional parking
  • Several conference / meeting rooms
  • Outdoor balcony overlooking main street

These additions will allow our staff to better serve you and provide new opportunities and resources to each of our clients. We’re so excited to share this building with the community and hope you’ll follow along with the progress as we provide updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the building be completed?

We’re estimating a finished building in late 2019. But as with any project of this size the date is not set in stone yet.

Are you tearing down your current building?

The current building will not be torn down. This construction is an expansion and while we will be modifying the current building somewhat drastically, we are keeping as much of the structure as possible as we add on to it.

Will you stop doing jobs during the construction?

Our goal is to stay open and serving out clients as we would normally do. However there will likely be some phases of construction that will impact our production schedule. We will continue to accept and produce jobs during these times, but our turn around time might be a bit longer.

Will you still have self serve machines?

Yes. Our new lobby will be much more accommodating to your self serve needs. We will have a better waiting area and even self serve design computers that can be used at an hourly rate.

Is the LEGO table going away?

Yes and no. The new building will have a room specifically for children to play in while you wait. This will help occupy your child in a safer place that is out of the way from any self serve machines or production equipment.

Why do you need such a big building?

Our business has grown exponentially over the past few years and we continue to offer more services, higher quality, and increased volume. We have expanded to need several buildings throughout Davis County for our employees and production equipment. This new building allows us to bring everything under one roof again. The front counter and self serve section of our business is only a portion of what we do. We service the marketing and print needs of hundreds of businesses ranging from local customers to international corporations.

What is the garage for?

We offer vehicle graphics as well as extremely large signs through the AG Signs department of the company. This garage allows us to bring your vehicles in at any time of year to apply graphics in a climate controlled environment. AG Signs is a rapidly growing part of our business and we’re looking forward to increasing our ability to offer those services to you.

Why do you have a photography and video studio?

One service we added several years ago is video production. As the market changes we have seen an increased need for customers to branch their marketing efforts beyond print into video, audio, web development, apparel, and signs. Adding all these resources helps us better serve our clients as a more full service marketing company.