Branding and Identity

Brand Identity


Every person, every company, every place, EVERYTHING has a brand. The question is, do you really know what your brand is? Is the message you want to get across what you are actually conveying? Or is there a disconnect between how you WANT to be seen and how people actually see you? This is where you need a partner that can provide feedback and direction.

We have years of experience helping start, develop, and evolve brands. A lot of that is through visual design, but it also has to do with HOW you market yourself. AlphaGraphics Bountiful can not only help you craft your look but also what marketing channels would be best to use.

We have tons of conventional (and not so conventional ideas) and we would love for you to pick our brains. And as with everything we want to make sure we are providing you with solutions that are tailored to your company and your budget.