FREE 2015 Oscars Party Printables

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The Oscars Free Printables

These last few years, I’ve gotten really into the Oscars. I’ve made it a goal to attempt to see at least all of the movies for Best Picture, if not most of the others for Best Actor and Best Actress categories. The nominations were announced on January 15th, so it’s time to get started on watching those movies!

I found some free printables a couple of years ago on Pinterest that I used to throw a viewing party, but being a designer, I kept wanting to make my own. So this year I have put together our own AG Bountiful set of free Oscars printables for your viewing party! The Oscars are on Sunday, February 22nd, so you have some time to plan.

This set comes with a nomination ballot. It’s so fun to make guesses as to who is going to win in the different categories. Even if some guests haven’t seen most of the movies, they can still get lucky and guess correctly! Fill this out prior to watching the Oscars, and have a prize for whomever gets the highest correct guesses.

There’s a 5×7 printable invitation for your guests. I know for my party, I’m probably just going to do a Facebook event invitation, so I’ve included that image as well, so you can use instead of the printed invitation or in addition to. Just upload the jpg as your event image when you create your Facebook invitation.

And of course you need some printables to give your party some flair. Included is a large banner. Just cut out the four pages of triangles and fold the tops over a string or length of yarn. Tape, staple, or glue to keep them in place. Cut out the food tents and fold over in half to write down your delectable Oscars dishes (popcorn bar anyone?). The cupcake toppers can be printed double-sided on cardstock paper or you can glue two circles back-to-back to jazz up your party cupcakes. You can glue them over a toothpick but they work just fine to stick into the top of the frosting. And finally, an awesome Welcome Sign to post on your front door to get the party started!

Share our free printables with your friends and let us know how they work for your party!