Is Content Really King?

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There are only two types of successful people: Creators and organizers. So there you have it, you can either create or you can organize, but which is more important?

You can have the best information in the world, but if nobody can find it or it is hard to follow it probably won’t do very well. Think about talking to a genius that is a bit socially inept. They may have the best ideas and ridiculous amounts of knowledge but unless that can be translated into something more digestible to the average person it really doesn’t do much good to talk to them.

On the other hand you could have the best system for organizing information, but with only fluff that no one cares about it serves no real purpose. Why have the worlds best closet if you don’t own any clothes?


What makes a good content creator?

Good content creators have original ideas. They ask great questions. They dig deep into ideas, concepts, and the world to pull out useful and relevant facts. What they create has meaningful purpose. They discover what everyone else is hoping to know. They blaze new trails and try new things (this also means they have their fair share of failures). Bad content creators are copycats. They see a great content creator and try to duplicate that, but end up looking like a sub-par knock-off. It’s okay to use great content to inspire you, but a good content creator is always true to who they are and feel authentic.

On the internet good content creators are consistent and seem to think differently. You know the great content creators when you see them because they are the links you click on and the photos and videos you WANT to share. They are the ones you feel great about when you discover them for yourself.


What makes a good organizer?

There is no lack of content in our world today. But GOOD content is still often hard to find. Good organizers recognize good content when they see it. They understand people and psychology. They sift the best ideas from the sea of information and put it on a pedestal. They are skilled hunters of great ideas. Their presentation skills are top notch. Good organizers have an audience that they have built a relationship of trust with. People seek out the good organizers because they have a track record of delivering only the highest quality information. They categorize everything and make sure they give the right content to the right people. Organizers can come under attack for just regurgitating other peoples content.

Organizers are the ones that have a skill set in finding and presenting that good content. Often in the internet world the users are the ones regulating everything. They create and decide what is relevant. Sites like Reddit, Facebook, etc. allow people to share what they think is important and allow the community to push the best things to the top.


What should you and your company be?

People are looking for information. The most successful companies are either creating, organizing or hopefully BOTH. You may find that you are more one than the other but it is important to be able to fill both roles to some degree.

On the internet and media in general the best sources are the ones that are able to create their own RELEVANT original content while also being skilled at organizing and repackaging relevant content from other sources. Huffington Post and Buzzfeed are examples of companies that have primarily focused on organizing content, but more and more they are becoming creators or original content. Buzzfeed recently has been making large strides to create more videos and original content to help boost their credibility.

Probably the biggest organizer in the world right now is Google. For the most part they allow the USERS to be the creators and they organize that content. They make connections to the content you are looking for. They also provide users the tools to create and organize content. But they definitely aren’t solely an organizer, they create things like Google Maps, Google Earth, the Android OS, as well as a ton of other content.

So in the end you can’t have one without the other. All organizers need content and all content needs to be organized. Figure out which part you do best and do that, just remember to never neglect the other half.

J Meier

J Meier

J. Meier is a Creative Guru at AlphaGraphics Bountiful with an affinity for the technology and the absurd. He has years of experience in video production, photography, graphic design, brand messaging and all things fancy... specifically ketchup packets. Portland, Oregon born and raised currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.