Buzzword BINGO: Making meetings more fun since 1963

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Have you ever been in a business meeting where a leader was trying to inspire your team to “deploy turn-key partnerships” or to “strategize bricks-and-clicks e-services”? If you’ve been working in the business world for over a year or two you are probably bound to have heard phrases likes these that make you wonder if anyone really knows what’s going on. Maybe you use them yourself, I know I catch myself saying my favorite pet buzzwords WAY more often than I should. While most buzzwords and cliche phrases started with a purpose and meaning they can become trigger words for people to tune out at meetings.

The next time you are in a business meeting you might try turning it into a game and keep yourself more focussed! Lucky for you there are TONS of resources to play a game called buzzword bingo (as well as a few other names). It’s just like regular bingo but each box is filled with a common word or phrase used in business meetings.

buzzwordbingoboardAccording to the buzzword bingo wikipedia article, the game has been around since about 1963 (interestingly enough about the same time the white collar / blue collar worker divide started becoming much more prevalent).

Here are a bunch of links to some buzzword bingo games. They range from board generators that you print out, to mobile apps and web based games you play directly in your browser.

iOS Buzzword Bingo Apps:

Android Buzzword Bingo Apps:

Interactive Web-based (Automatically Generated):

Automatically Generated Printable Boards:

Custom phrases and words:

TIP: In traditional bingo you shout “Bingo!” when you’ve completed a whole line. While you CAN do that in a meeting… I wouldn’t suggest it. Some more discrete variations are raising your hand to make a comment and somehow incorporating the word “bingo” into your comment or question. Another less obvious way is to choose a phrase before hand like “now that’s an idea I can really get behind” to signal to other players that you have won.

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J Meier

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