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Tips & Tricks: How to Extract and Edit Images from a PDF

By February 2, 2015Graphic Design, Print, Software, Video

Ever get a PDF file and need to edit one of the photos in it. Maybe you need to use a photo for another project but the only place you can find that photo is embedded into a PDF. Well this post should help you with both of those scenarios.

1) Open your PDF in Acrobat

2) Click “Tools” in the top right of the window

3) Then in the new menu that popped up click “Edit Text & Images”

4) Select an image in your document and right click.

5) In the drop down select “Edit Using” and then choose “Adobe Photoshop”

6) Click “Yes” in the window that pops up.

7) Make any edits you want and click save.

When you click save you should see the PDF automatically update with the changes that you made. If you are just wanting to extract an image to use in another document use Save As in step 7 and select the file type and where you want to save it to.

This trick has come in handy MANY times when a client didn’t know where they had saved their photo and wanted a new design done with the same images or when something was printing out strange and needed some tweaks.