Sand Serif: The alphabet through sand art

By November 6, 2014Graphic Design, Typography, Video

In 7 minutes these two sand artist create imagery for each letter of the alphabet and turn each image into the letter that the image represents. It’s nice to take a break from funny cat videos every once in a while and find something that is entertaining and helps you think a bit differently. Videos like this remind me that artwork doesn’t have to be tied into a computer. Analog real world physical art has an organic feel that is often missing from digital artwork. While I love the concept behind this video my only critique (because I love typography) is that I wish they would have turned each image into an actual typeface rather than randomly shaped letters. I think it would have been the thing that put this over the top in inspiration. The balance between organic and perfection is a tough one to have but when done right creates very interesting well crafted art.