Variable Data QR Codes

Variable QR Codes

With Mobile users on the rise a new way for companies and individuals to interact with print has risen – QR codes. A QR code or Quick Response code is a 2-dimensional barcode that allows you to send your customers to a specific action when scanned.  You could direct them to a webpage or social media account, or display and save contact information from the back of a business card.

Free QR code generators are readily available from many different sources across the web, but what happens when you need to generate 100 unique codes? or even 10,000?  Using advanced tools like XMPie, Pageflex, or Fusion Pro AlphaGraphics Bountiful can help you create variable qr codes from a database in any quantity, and implement them into a variety of marketing materials, including:

  • Print ads and magazines
  • Business cards
  • Websites
  • Direct Mail pieces
  • Billboards and posters
  • Promotional products and apparel


Creating the code is just the beginning, our team of experts can help you create a campaign centered around responses where a QR code is just one of many elements.