Multi Channel Campaigns

People can’t buy what they don’t know exists. Even then statistics have shown it takes 7 to 13+ “touches” before someone actually buys something. A touch is basically some sort of interaction with your brand, product, or services. That could be talking face to face with them, a flyer in the mail or a commercial on TV. Those touches are coming through what are called marketing channels. Marketing channels are the medium used to communicate with your audience. Things like television, radio, print, web, email, events, etc. would be types of marketing channels.

Multi-Channel Marketing Statistics

Hopefully you can see the need for a multi channel campaign. Not just using multiple channels but using multiple channels to communicate a consistent message. If you don’t have a strategy you are likely to just be spinning your wheels. Each demographic is different and will be more prone to interacting with certain marketing channels. We’re here to assist you in figuring out what marketing channels will connect with your target audience, and how you can tailor your message to them and drive results.

We can help you pair up a number of marketing channels that will fit within your budget. Everything from direct mailers and billboards to online videos and mobile apps. The important things isn’t to be making noise, but to be speaking where your audience is listening and that’s what we’re all about.