Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are everywhere and the growth is only increasing. According to Ian Carrington, mobile and social advertising sales director at Google, there are more people on earth that have access to a mobile phone than have access to a toothbrush.


A sobering statistic, but it illustrates how prevalent mobile phones are in todays society. There is no denying that people worldwide and locally are using their mobile devices more than ever. It’s a huge opportunity to get your message directly to your target market. So many people go straight to their phones to find places to eat, products to buy, and a ton of other services. If you aren’t part of that you are most likely missing out on sales.


There are a lot of tools in the mobile world that can be used in your branding and marketing. Things like mobile websites, custom apps, text messaging campaigns, QR codes, and mobile video content are just a few. Mobile is different than other things like television and even desktop computers. Screens are smaller and people interact with their phones differently than they do on a normal computer. A good mobile experience really makes a difference. Mobile phone marketing isn’t something that WILL be coming up in the future, it is here right NOW and only expanding. Contact us to talk about what mobile marketing strategies may best fit your business.