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11 reasons to Love Adobe CC and one BIG reason to hate it

By December 18, 2013Graphic Design
Adobe CC

Over the last couple years subscription based services for digital goods / services has been becoming more and more common with things like Spotify, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc. so when Adobe decided to switch to a “cloud” based system it shouldn’t have been a surprise… But it still was. And right off the bat I HATED the idea.

I was the guy that still bought CDs, DVDs and other hard copies of digital goods. I liked the idea of actually owning something, forever. I could spend $20 on a subscription service every month and then when I decide to stop paying end up with nothing. OR I could take that $20 and buy a movie to own forever, and when I’m done with it sell it to someone else and make some of my money back. This was my biggest problem with subscription services.

So when adobe announced they would be going to a subscription service I threw my hands in the air with disgust. “GREAT now as soon as I don’t want to upgrade I won’t be able to open up any of my work from the past 10 years of my life. I will own NOTHING!” Well, yeah pretty much. I still OWN CS5 so I guess I would still be able to get those projects open.

On top of that I figured a subscription service would just be a way for adobe to leech my hard earned money from me and keep me locked in for the rest of my life.

“Then what if my internet goes down or I am somewhere where I don’t have access to an internet connection? What then? This stupid cloud thing is going to keep me from being able to do my work right?!” Well it turns out not so much.

Today I sit here at my desk a changed man. At some point I did some more research, drank the Creative Cloud punch and converted to actually liking Adobe CC and subscription services in general.

So here is my list of things I love and things I hate about Adobe CC:


1) I am always up to date with the latest version (if I want to be)

2) I have access to a really great font library

3) The updates seem to be coming much faster

4) I can switch to a new computer SUPER easily

5) I can switch between Mac and PC without having to re buy software

6) I have cloud storage to keep large files and send them to clients if needed

7) I actually SAVE money in the long run

8) I can calculate in my software expense just like I would a utility

9) I have access to EVERY program Adobe makes

10) My window layouts and other settings are saved to the cloud

11) Even if I don’t have access to the internet my programs still work*

*Adobe CC only checks if you have a current subscription about once a month. If you aren’t connected to the internet that one time it does check, it gives you a message saying it can’t verify your account and you need to connect within 30 days or so. That means that the only case where you would ever not be able to use your software is if you happen to not have access to the internet AT ALL for 1-2 months. Pretty much a non-existent issue for most people.


This fist one is the BIG reason.

1) I don’t own the software. When I stop paying, I don’t have access to open and edit my files

2) You are updating more often (if you want)

3) There are still some glitches and it can feel like they don’t test updates as thoroughly as they used to.

Over all I feel like the Creative Cloud is a move in the right direction for most working professionals. For the hobbyist home user it may not be the best option. I have found that there are a few glitchy things with the Creative Cloud installer and some setting syncing issues here and there, but for 99% of the users out there and for 99% of the work I do it is amazingly nice to use.

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